Pit by Michael P Naughton

How “They Only Kill Their Masters” Inspired “Pit”

  The ‘70s were all about dangerous Dobermans. “The Amazing Dobermans,” “The Doberman Gang” “Daring Dobermans,” “Trapped,” even one of my favorite Columbo episodes, “How to Dial a Murder” featured[ . . . ]

Why “Not Dead and Not for Sale” is this Generation’s “No One Here Gets Out Alive”

No lack of substance here (literally). True, some readers, reviewers and fans might be disappointed by the terse, tenuous and to-the-point chapters of Scott Weiland’s autobiography. However, I found his[ . . . ]

For Late Nighters, Insomniacs and Early Risers, Michael Connelly Never Fails

I have been reading Harry Bosch novels for years and also enjoy the Amazon series “Bosch.” “Trunk Music” was the first Connelly book I read and have not stopped reading[ . . . ]