My Own Marilyn Monroe (A Poem by Michael P. Naughton)

She requested a poem of her own
My own Marilyn Monroe
on this special day of love and devotion.

She’s a “Misfit” and a card like Sugar Kowalczyk
A blonde bombshell, a sexpot, voluptuous and hot
that can turn a head or cause a wreck,
whether you’ve noticed her yet or not,
She’s My own Marilyn Monroe

She is pure and devoted
She’s funny and gorgeous and a real “looker”
as Lieutenant Columbo once duly noted.

Unsure and elegant. Imperfect. Intelligent.
Sensitive and innocent.
No fixing required here for
My own Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn too was once on the fringe as just the “girl in canoe.”
She was discovered and who will ever forget,
the indelible blown-up dress from the “The Seven Year Itch
of the real Marilyn Monroe

My own Marilyn Monroe is still undiscovered,
but I trust will soon be uncovered,
roll red carpets and applaud – there is much to laud for
My own, unique Marilyn Monroe

To be a Prince to this Showgirl and support her every step
of the way is the many successes I seek.

Yet, I stop and pause when I think
that the real Marilyn Monroe
was gone too soon and performs now
somewhere in the great unknown, but
most of all, I believe, Marilyn wanted to be truly loved
and, not only known…
My own Marilyn Monroe knows.
© 2022 from the forthcoming poetry book “The Shores of Madrid” by Michael P. Naughton