“The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and…” — Nigel Tufnel, ‘Spinal Tap’

By definition, a handbook is a type of reference work, or other collection of instructions, that is intended to provide a ready reference. By that definition, The Guitar Amp Handbook is the ultimate handbook for guitar amps. Once you own it, you will reference it ongoing for a lifetime.

Comprehensive, smart and guaranteed to answer any question on the subject, this book is poised to be the authority in guitar amplification reference books.

Author Dave Hunter leaves virtually no stone unturned. Guitar players, amateur or professional, will benefit from a deeper understanding of what makes tube amps tick. If you want to delve deep into the engineering aspect of amplifiers – even making your own – this is the book. The section of interviews entitled “Meet the Makers” is solid gold with insights and perspectives on history, theories and anecdotes, and addresses the right questions.

Early on, Author Dave Hunter proposes a practical, simple test for your next visit to the local guitar shop: Plug and play the most expensive guitar into the cheapest amp, and then reverse the process by plugging the cheapest guitar into the most expensive amp. The result? The amp is the secret to your success.

He also goes on to point out the idiosyncratic nature of the amp/guitar combo and the effect each will have on altering your playing and performance. The sonic epiphanies will astound you.

A note on book design and layout: As a book publisher and author myself, I think Backbeat books produced a durable and beautiful illustrated and designed book for the money (includes black & white, color and diagrammed illustrations). There are no editing mistakes, which can frustrate the reader (I have found them even with major publishing houses).

“The amp world is your oyster…” as Dave Hunter points out in the book. To further that idiom, I would say your pearl is also your perception in the amp world… and this book is loaded with pearls of wisdom.