In Search of… Leonard Nimoy the Poet

As the world mourns the loss of Leonard Nimoy, famously known as Dr. Spock, I decided to boldly go where few other fans have gone In Search of… Leonard Nimoy the Poet.

I was a big fan of the 70’s series In Search of… this was mainly due to Nimoy’s enigmatic narration of the television series.  The series focused on strange mysteries and phenomenon… the unexplained.

But back to Nimoy the poet.  As it turns out Leonard Nimoy was a prolific poet  with seven books to his credit. As a poet and publisher of actor Michael Madsen’s poetry, I tend to gravitate to this sensibility. Nimoy’s poetry has a Hugh Prather quality to it.   Simple free verse of love and relationships.  It’s not for everyone, but does have merit. I think in years to come people and fans with seek out Nimoy the poet and celebrate his words and poetic legacy.

May his poetry live long and prosper.

Nimoy the Poet
Nimoy the Poet