In Search of H. N. Swanson

In Search of H.N. Swanson

Last year film audiences went “Searching for Sugar Man,” I did not. Maybe I missed something… you tell me.

Anyway, I am on my own personal mission. I am Searching for H.N. Swanson.

For those of you that have never heard of him, he was a legendary literary agent with great sensibilities.  The man behind F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also landed a screenwriting contract for Raymond Chandler and discovered Elmore Leonard in the mid-50’s.

He had this to say: “He was a pup writing Westerns,” Swanson said. “I told him to forget the cowboy stuff and write stories with women in them. He did, and I made him a millionaire.”

He is gone, but not forgotten.


I will find him/her in 120 days…



in Search of H.N. Swanson