20 Years and Counting, Cordoba Delivers on Every Promise – Michael P. Naughton Reviews…

Cordoba F7 Paco


I have been playing classical guitar for 30 years.  I started out with the F7 Paco, the guitar was designed in honor of the legendary and late Paco de Lucia. For the inexpensive price and superior quality, this is an unbeatable and practical choice. I must over-emphasize and underscore the overall quality, craftsmanship, aesthetics and tone the F7 Paco produced with the Premium tone woods used.


Most reviewers will note the lightweight and ease of playing on these models and they are 100% correct. The action and tone of the Cordoba F7 Paco are set to perfection right out of the box. You will be amazed at the rich sound this model produces. I also found that guitar kept in good tune which can be an issue with the demands of Flamenco playing, especially percussive rasqueados. Note: The instrument provides a protective cover for Golpe.

Like an electric guitar, Cordoba engineered a two-way truss rod that adjusts and relieves the amount of tension in your instrument. A two-way truss rod can be used to adjust the neck in both directions versus one way and one direction. This is feature could be necessary for changes or fluctuations in climate – I am based in California.


I was impressed with Cordoba’s gig bag that was included for the price. Outstanding! I purchased a hard-shell case at the time of my order, but had I known the quality of this bag I might have forgone the case and added expense. Well-padded and crafted, sturdy and good protection. Nice compartment spaces. I have used Gator brand gig bags before, but this was high quality like the guitar. It also included a Owner Manual and even an attachable contact microphone.

Cordoba has won over another lifelong customer due to their commitment to perfection and realizing the need for affordability without sacrificing quality.

Cordoba Guitars just celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary this year (2017) and I am sure they will see another 100. I think Paco would be proud of this model.

©2018 Michael P. Naughton